grey day

Today is most certainly not a sunny day here in provo, utah. Call me crazy but I love waking up to that "gloomy" weather feel. I love rainy days, they always come when I need a fresh start.

and I needed one.

Last night I kinda sorta mighta been a grumpy girl.

ok, I was.

I let myself have a bad day. And I maybe wasn't the nicest most reasonable person to be around either. So thank you rain, you were very much needed. And sorry to anyone who might have been a victim of my frowny face. Please forgive me, I'll give you extra smiles next time we cross paths. :)

For now please enjoy these photos that I've neglected for far too long! They are of the lovely Kayla, who's been so patient with my busy/laziness. I almost forgot how pretty she is...


{personal favorite}

photo #1 from previous shoot. see more here