kiss those teens goodbye!

by birthday was wonderful. (minus being the first day of finals) but I really had such a swell time! I woke up to a breakfast made by my beau! {i adore him} the rest of the day was filled with well wishes, time with family and friends and lots of happy birthday singing! :) for the next couple days, everyone treated me to dinner. I've been one happy-well-fed-twenty-year-old!

my family took me out to Teppanyaki

{where they cook right in front of you!}

the girls took me to Happy Sumo

{and we were happy}

B took me to Carrabbas

where I had the yummiest Pollo Rosa Maria
{seriously, I'm craving it as I blog}

{B likes kissing the 20 year old. It just seems more right}

feels great to be out of my teens
{if you ask me, I should have been 20 a long time ago}

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  1. You WERE 20 a long time ago. Thank goodness it's official now.