Shh! Don't tell Dad!

I had the lovely opportunity of taking the Brown Family's photos (minus dad). It's a surprise for him for Christmas! (Fab idea eh moms?!) I've known this family for some time now, and absolutely adore them. and oh how they've grown! Here's some of my favorites from the favorites :)

p.s. Shh! don't tell Dad! (i doubt he'll find his way to this little blog so i'm counting on you all to keep these photos a secret!)

*more from this shoot to come


  1. Love 'em! Can't wait to see the rest!

  2. so cute :) Pretty sure this is when I saw you! what a fun idea for Christmas.

  3. I love the shadow of the hands holding in the last pic.

  4. Claire these are beautiful! thank you so much for doing this! you are amazing! my dad will love them:)