I've hit my hundredth post.
This blog has done wonders for me and my outlook on life.
I wouldn't say i'm an overly positive person. i'm realistic. heres reality:
life is hard. true.
life is beautiful. even more true
life is full of belles and whistles to be grateful for, all we have to do is open our eyes and look for them, and we'll find the good everywhere. Thanks for checkin in and letting me share my favorite bits of life with you.

inspired by rockstar blogger, Naomi, i started a list of things that make me terribly happy. Oh how the list has grown! and it's only getting longer every day. i could barely narrow it down to the hundred but here it is:

1. freshly cleaned sheets
2. photobooths
3. my mother's PB&J sandwiches
4. red velvet cupcakes
5. history channel
6. aviator sunglasses
7. freckles
8. quackie aspen trees
9. Alfred Hitchcock movies
10. blue christmas lights
11. FHE
12. little kids + lemonade stands
13. waking up to a thunderstorm
14. sitting on my front porch
15. sour patch kids
16. letters in the mail
17. rain
18. painted nails
19. mashed potatoes
20. chubby babies
21. swing sets
22. tire swings
23. swing dancing
24. jones soda
25. tea cups
26. dressing up for an occasion
27. dressing up with nowhere to go
28. old photographs
29. pride and prejudice (book)
30. traveling
31. people watching
32. cinnabons at the airport
33. white chocolate crunch
34. ornaments + real christmas tree
35. that "ah ha" moment when reading the scriptures
36. that "mmm hmmm" moment when you just wake up
37. waking up slow
38. holding hands
39. long car rides with friends
40. hearing my parents bare their testimony
41. my pop's cowboy poetry
42. when my mom tickles my face
43. brightly painted houses
44. bowling with gutter guards
45. clear skin!
46. making lists
47. crossing items off my list
48. my camera: hank
49. wishmakers (aka: dandelions)
50. ordering "shirley temples" at restaurants
51. the invincable feeling after a good run
52. kisses
53. kissing
54. daydreaming
55. vintage bikes
56. my great-grandmother's jewelry
57. new school supplies
58. keeping secrets
59. unexpected phone calls from old friends
60. sacrament meeting when the primary sings
61. babies learning to mimic
62. babies laughing
63. babies when they grasp your finger
64. babies
65. babies
66. babies
67. my sister when she uses fancy words
68. smiling strangers
69. dancing with Brandon
70. fast internet
71. waking up christmas morning
72. bargain shopping with me mum
73. laying on my trampoline and playing the silent game with dad
74. red heads
75. movie marathons
76. popcorn at the movies
77. lockets
78. victorian art
79. corn on the cob
80. the cheap toys they put on top of the ice cream cones at Taco Amigo
81. listening to carmen sing
82. buying kitchen appliances
83. pretending i'm grown up
84. long showers
85. good hair days
86. songs that take you back to "moments"
87. crisp canyon air
88. the smell of REAL christmas trees
89. winks
90. saying "i love you"
91. hearing "i love you"
92. loving someone
93. being in love with someone
94. my best friends
95. baby Gap
96. fireplaces
97. reading old journal entries
98. summer weddings
99. the American flag
100. blogging


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