wishes & shooting stars

something amazing happened to me the other night.

you know those moments when you make a simple decision that at the time seems so innocent and insignificant.  And then later, something big happens that wouldn't have happened had you not made that little decision?  and you wonder how it all came to be?  I conclude, from these experiences, that there is something inside us that drives us to make those little decisions. Something that knows that little decision will make a big big difference.  

the other night a made a little decision that made a big difference.  I went running. at 12:30 in the morning.  It was a short run (on account my parents worry for my safety at such hours).  I ran around the neighborhood and ended up at a nearby park where i usually stop to do abs and stretch.  well this particular night i just plopped to the ground.  sprawled my legs and arms and breathed.  i mean really opened my mouth and welcomed the air.  took out my headphones and looked at the sky.  Within seconds i witnessed the most beautiful shooting star!  19 years on this earth and i'd never seen one before.  apparently there was a meteor shower (i didn't know, i don't watch the news) and within 5 minutes i'd seen 3!!  now anyone who knows me knows i'm a sap.  i can get emotional in a heartbeat.  seeing this wonder was no different.  i was moved by the beauty of it all.  so call me sappy, tears came to my eyes.  i raced home, woke my family, and insisted they come lay outside with me and watch the stars. 

i saw about a dozen that night.  and instead of wishes coming to my mind each new star, all i could do was thank God for the wishes and blessings he's already granted and given me. i'm truly lucky, and it didn't take wishing on shooting stars.  

it just took seeing one to remind me.

a little decision.  
a big difference.

i feel so grateful to my Heavenly Father for letting me witness such a wonder. 

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