item number one BIRTHDAY GIRL

item number one on my list of things to blog about is to wish my dearest and favorite (i've only got one hehehe) sissy a very belated and very happy birthday. This gorgeous gal is 17 years old! holy kansas.

durring a very difficult run last night i was thinking about what i would say in this post (yes, i do that sometimes) and i kept thinking of all the reasons why i love my sis so stinkin much.

Dear sissy,

i hope you know i love you to the moon and back even though you are younger than me and have more curves and got all the good genes in the family. yes, i love you that much that those petty things barely ever provoke a thought. i love you because you are so full of life. so full that sometimes you make me laugh about it. you put passion into every word you say. you are clever and witty and always win at family dinner clever competitions. you are far brighter than i am but i still love you. you have very unique gifts. you have the ability to see people for who they are and love them despite flaws (cause i know you love me too). i could listen to you sing all the day long. and even though you don't always sing for me even when i beg and plead for you to, i still love you. i love that you did marching band. and that you were cool about it. alto sax rocks my dear. i love that you try new things, yes some of them may have been mistakes (clogging, tennis, shot put, ethnic dance). What you do do (dodo heehhe) you do phenomenally (i can't believe i just spelt that right!!) you write stories! thats just plain rad. your style fits you like a glove, your eyes are to die for, your lashes (ok i'm a bit petty) make me jealous. I love that you'll stay up late watching the poor acting in the cheesy sitcoms we've some how taken a liking to. you can mastermind any song within the first couple notes (i love that about you). and you love jones soda + yellow mustangs. and you are my best friend.

sissy, i love you to the moon and back and maybe a couple times around too :)
happy day of birth

xoxoxo sis

below are pics of my birthday present to sissy. she loves loves LOVES jones soda. and she loves her funky shoes. so i thought i'd combine the two. I was so excited when i finished that i gave them to her a month early!

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