Our Third Year

This Tuesday, Brandon and I celebrate our third year as Husband & Wife.

As I've gone through images, relics, and journal entries these past few days, I've been a total water works. I have such lovely memories of that day that we said yes to being husband and wife for eternity. Eternity! and I never really did our wedding justice on this blog, so if you don't mind, this entire week will be dedicated to just that: the most beautiful day of my life; the ins, the outs, the people who made it great, the butterflies in our stomaches, all of it!

Our Third Year...
I can't even...

*all images posted throughout this week are by Elise Lauren. Honestly, I couldn't have asked for a better photographer, I get all teary eyed just thinking about her because I will forever be grateful she was there, working her magic. Be sure to check out her website & blog.


  1. Waiting, waiting, waiting....:)

  2. you're beautiful.
    beautiful individuals and a beautiful couple.
    im excited to see the photos.
    because of the multiple times ive stalked you, i haven't gotten enough of these photos.


  3. what cuties. can't wait.

    xo. m.