The tulips are blooming in the yard, the box elder bugs are mating all over the front porch (and door, and windows, and sometimes even in the house....ew.) and I'm even sporting the first bug bites of the season! It's *almost* my favorite time of the year...but I have to get though hell week first.

Finals week does scary things to me. I get weird cravings, I get moody, I get sassy, and I get lazy. Last night, while finishing something for a group project (by my self, of course, cause we all know there's no "team" in "group project") I had to have ELFudge cookies. I just had to. so off to the grocery store I went. I ate them in bed until I fell asleep in a pile of crumbs and then ate the rest as soon as I opened my eyes....

Just a couple more all nighters and bing eating and then I'm done with my academic undergrad classes FOREVER!


  1. I didn't think anyone else fell asleep in cookies. What a relief.

    Group projects are the worst thing, nobody ever works together. But you'll make it! The blog world believes in you!

  2. Go Claire! You can make it. Finals do weird things to all of us. haha

  3. laziness always comes out in full force when we need it to be nonexistant.