easter sunday

brandon and I were lucky to go to church together yesterday, stay together for the whole 3 hours, AND hold a baby for two of them (arm is a bit achy today). So even if it weren't Easter Sunday, I'd consider it a winner. But it was Easter Sunday, which meant family, scriptures, good food, and of course an easter egg hunt. It was very different from last year. We were short three people (Dane and Brit in NY, and Brandon, working at the hospital). But my mom still played Easter Bunny and sis and I ran around the house finding goodies. I found the most hard boiled eggs (my favorite) but carmen found the egg with a dollar bill in it, so I suppose it's even.

hope your Easter was lovely: filled with good feelings and good food.

**I experimented with dying eggs. If I were a DIY blogger I'd post a how to, but aint nobody got time for that! Maybe next year (which is code for never).