the first day of the year

the first day of 2013, with my dad, snowshoeing in the mountains near our home. 

In one of my classes yesterday we talked about judgement, and how we judge people's actions as defining them, when really it's their intentions that should define them, the reasoning that we don't get to see. maybe that's not totally true and maybe it doesn't even make sense but I thought about how I love hiking. and then I thought about why I really love it and I think it probably has to do with the fact that it means I get to spend time with my dad. my dad is more of a left brain and me, a right. But when we are up in the mountains and out in nature we seem to meet in the best place in the middle: his beautifully artistic way of observing and understanding and my minds ability to see clearly are hightened the further we get away from the busy.