I attended the National Art Education Association convention in Fort Worth, Texas this last week. The best part of the trip was visiting Museum of Modern Art Fort Worth. I saw Jenny Holtzer, Rothko, Sol LeWitt, Ellsworth Kelly, Donald Judd, the Bechers, Sally Mann, Albers and so many more amazing works! Sometimes I wonder if I have it in me to teach art, and then I see great art and my body gets all silly and I just want to be a part of it in any way that I can. The other great part of the trip was late night pillow talk with my roommates. we laughed. we cried. it was very much needed.

Though the trip was a success, I don't really feel like I can say I've been to Texas. My entire stay was within a 4 block radius that pretty much felt like an outdoor mall. I didn't hear nearly as many "y'alls" as I hoped, nor did I have any beef (my vegan habits carry strong) so it doesn't really count. Brandon served an LDS mission in Fort Worth for 2 years, so next time I visit, I'm bringing him along as my personal tour guide ;)


  1. Great pictures!

  2. I love that feeling. When you kind of forget why you wanted to do something so badly, and then feeling completely inspired by it all over again.

    I've been to the Houston, TX air port, but that doesn't count either.

  3. How fun! Absolutely love these pictures, and this all sounds like so much fun!! Adore your site girl!
    xo TJ