it's beginning to look a lot like....

I know people have rules against this, but I started decorating for Christmas before Thanksgiving.  In fact, my work had Christmas up before halloween came along!  So I'm thinking I held out pretty good :) Even though I work at a design store that is packed to brim with Christmas decor, I keep things pretty simple in my own home.  I do this for a few reasons.  one: we are poor college students and decor can get pricy, two: I'm not a fan of the "commercial" christmas look (this means zero glitter, I track enough of that home from work thankyouverymuch...). and three: my holiday decorations are confined to one of my vintage suitcases (I had to prove to Brandon that my suitcases serve a purpose, my collection is getting a bit out of control) so we don't have a ton of room for "stuff".  That means just about everything is:

homemade (bow garland)
up-cycled (letter flashcards)
found (pinecones)
gifted (christmas lights from my old work, handmade blankie from my mom)

It's funny how these tiny changes in our home and getting me giddy about the holidays!  And I'm not the only one, I came home from work the other day to find Brandon hanging Christmas lights on our porch.  And I'm pretty sure I heard him humming Christmas tunes yesterday.   He claims he's a scrooge, but really, who couldn't love this season?! 



  1. I love your decorations! We added a few little things to our apartment for christmas this weekend too. It really does make you so much more excited for the holidays :)

  2. Love your decorations & the pictures are lovely.

  3. love it. also our places of employment sounded awfully similar. We've had Christmas up since like september and glitter is the main ingredient.

  4. i'm excited to be home from thanksgiving so i can decorate now! seriously though, love your decorations!


  5. I love the simplicity of your decorations. Simplicity speaks louder than over the top any ways, in my opinion. Happy, happy holidays and good luck avoiding all the glitter at work ;).

  6. I still have yet to really get decorating for the holiday season. This post has inspired me though. So beautiful ;)
    xo TJ