I have so much catching up to do.  In my life & on this blog.  But.... tonight Brandon and I found ourselves driving to the resturaunt where we had our very first date.  

If you heard the story, you know the date was a disaster, and then, all of a sudden, the next day we were in love.  and EVERYONE knew it.

That's kind of what life feels like.  You are going to college and all of a sudden, you are signing up for your last semester of classes.  Or you get accepted into the art program and the next minute you are planning your final show.  you are saying "I do" and wham bam, it's your third christmas together.  What's funny is it's always the big things that make life seem to fly by.  Big moments.  Blog worthy moments.  But if feels good to slow things down and focus on those significantly normal moments.

like going on a date on a tuesday cause we had to get a new car battery and that bites.  and being beaconed from the other room to listen to a new ridiculous relaxation app instead of finishing this post or starting your homework.

hello little moments.  you can stay awhile.

*images from our 4th date