"How often I have found where I should be going only by setting out for somewhere else." 
-Buckminster Fuller 

one of my favorite things we did in SF was visit the SFMOMA. I hadn't researched any of the exhibitions before and was so pleased when I recognized the works of Buckminster Fuller (hows that for a name). I first ran into his work by, well, basically copying him. I had been working with maps for a while (see selected works here) and decided to continue the work into a 3D design. I began creating globes using old maps and found material, it was like I was making my own worlds. later, while visiting with a professor I noticed a postcard on his wall with the EXACT pattern i'd been using for my globes ("dymaxion" shown in last photo).   I've been a fan ever since. 

a short note on copying: I used to hate it. I hated being copied and I hated copying. I've since determined that it's kinda neat when two different people think on the same waves. in fact, it's a sort of beautiful.

another short note: I'm not very good at sharing my art anywhere, and this blog is no exception.  But I feel safe here, so I should share more.  hold me to that will ya?

last short note: read more about Buckminster Fuller here.  I think you'll like him, his hopes and dreams for the future, and his design.  he's pretty much the coolest.

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