cisco (instagrammed)

who can't help but love instagram?  here's our SF trip documented via my phone.

a part of utah i've never seen
the best name for a mini mart
sad and sick the first day of vaca
riding in my fav romper & kicks
visiting work while away (BR)
pretty fruit.  pretty weird fruit.
anniversary gift {spoiled}
B's fancy new hat
total tourist waiting for the bus
visiting the fake bridge
we hiked that massive hill
yummy chicken-less chicken
watching the bridge disappear
we took the scenic route
a road trip must have
first time @lake tahoe
an accidental photo

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  1. seriously, who doesn't love instagram. i seriously love it. i love all of these pictures as well. super cute.

  2. Cute! Your blog is so visually pleasing. But the thing your blog is that there is actual things to read about on here. I just love it. One of my new favourites. You are gorgeous y the way.

  3. Love all of these, as usual.

    I have an instagram link-up on my blog, in case you have 20 seconds and want to join. No pressure either way though :)

    Happy Tuesday!