wedding: zach & erika {film}

The love these two have for each is the kind we all hope to find. I'm so happy they found it!

*Brandon took a bunch of these photos since we shot film and digital. I'm so glad we did both. There is something magical about film...don't you think?

*also shout out to Richard for having the world's best backyard!

I've been booking a few weddings this past week and I'm giddy with excitement!
I love being a part of that big day.
are you and your lovehead tying the knot?! I want in!
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  1. love the pictures! what type of film camera are you shooting?

  2. How beautiful! What type of film?


  3. Clair, these are great. I love that you used film. It is my favorite. I love using film. It really is magical.