field trip

tomorrow I'm taking a field trip with some classmates to one of my favorite works of art: the spiral jetty.

The Spiral Jetty is a site specific installation made by Smithson in the 70's. It was a huge debate then and some may consider it even now to not be art. I, for one, think it's fantastic. (Though my love for it may be a bit bias: B and I took a trip there on one of our very first dates.)

If you live in Utah or ever visit Utah, I highly suggest checking it out.

I'll no doubt report tomorrow with an overwhelming amount of photos :)
Happy Thursday!

P.S. Brian Kershesnick and two other of my favorite artists have a show opening on BYU campus tomorrow (thursday 29th). I've met all three artists in person and they really are inspiring (and hilarious too!) It promises to be an amazing show. hope to see you there! (more info about the show here)


  1. oooh this is really cool! i've never been here, but will definitely have to check it out! and i love brian's work, too! i actually did a photo shoot with him today for a magazine article... such a nice man!

    i love your blog; excited to be a new follower!


  2. Is it sad that I've lived in Utah my whole life and have never heard of this place? You HAVE to tell me where it is, because it is just beautiful.