thoughts rendering

I walk home from school,
I don't avoid the sprinklers greening the lawns.
I let the water spot my blouse and drip down me,
observing the print my wet long bare foot leaves on the sidewalk.
I watch a butterfly catch it's breath after nearly being hit by a car. it makes eye contact with me, inches from my nose, then hurries on to do it's butterfly duties.
I stop to talk to an elderly couple about their garden,
mostly we smile and comment on the sun.
that strong sun
it warms me from the outside-in.
once home, I strip down.
lay on my favorite sheets, naked as I came.
I listen to the hum patterns from the AC
stare at the boxes from Brandon's birthday gifts
feel the blood pump through my body.
feel the pulse of the earth.

letting ideas and notions slip in and out of my head as they please.

this is how I want my mind to work.
not fogged up by the past.
not overwhelmed by the future.

but taking in the present.
processing the moment.
holding on to the thoughts that warm me and letting all else loose.


thank you for your kind words, for your encouragement and love. this life is a wild thing. we humans are wild things. but we are warm and good. and I feel that from you. and it is a powerful thing. thank you.

*photo by me