It's been a long time since I've done one of these: But this morning, whilst looking for something particular in my purse, I realized it was time for some organizing. These photos are post me throwing away all the gum wrappers, ancient receipts, and other mysterious items....

here's what's in the bag:

personal groomings: my missing bobby-pins (I found their hiding place:my purse!) lipsticks in my favorite shades, lotion, a homemade hair bow for last minute accessorizing, and smelly-goods in sample form (for those days I forget to deodorize, please tell me I'm not the only one who does this....) oh. and toiletries + miracle pill of course.

snacks and such: mints (from bettos no doubt) and my favorite gum. Fruit leather and calcium chews. Usually a water bottle is crammed in there somewhere along with my daily vitamins, an apple and almonds.

other: wallet & loose change. my life (in the form of a planner), sketch book featuring work from artists such as Brandon, myself, and the curly haired kids who sit in front of me at church. Sharpie, my pen of choice, highlighter to help with all my studies, business cards/holder, and the sunglasses of the day (I own a bakers dozen).

***purse is HOBO international, though I purchased it at TJMaxx. (we are talking 1/3-1/4 of the price!) I own another from TJ as well. I seem to find one every time I go but unfortunately can't justify owning that many....I will say this though, now that I've touched leather, i'll never settle for anything less. This purse has lasted me a good 3 solid years, and still going strong.

What's in your bag?


  1. 4 lipsticks
    3 pieces of gum partially wrapped
    6 pens
    2 notebooks
    7 bobby pins
    7 loose receipts
    2 pay stubs
    $2.39 cents loose change
    1 red wallet with about $500 of gift cards
    1 silver wallet with 12 receipts, $61.00, various credit cards, 5 year old pictures of my kids, library card, spare car key, Sams and Costco cards
    1 water bottle
    1 blue pill container (nothing fun in it)
    1 bag of ginger chew candies
    3 packets of crystal light energy

    It's a big purse. Really big. Like Mary Poppin's bag or Hermoine Grangers in the last movie. I can easily carry a pair of shoes. and I have large feet.

  2. you have such a gift. so impressed darling claire.