Hello saturday!
& hello friends :)

here's some blog love to make your saturday even sweeter:
and maybe your mon-fri aswell (I've got a brother-in-law coming home from russia, a trip to my favorite place in the world, lots of shoots, and finals to prepare for/procrastinate on. I might be MIA for a bit.) so please show these bloggers some love! Stalk, comment, and be inspired.

dottie angel
nothing makes me want to put on my grandma's apron and pick up a pair of knitting needles like this blog. Her home is AMAZING, her crafts are ingenious, and they way she writes is just...."peachy".

speaking of totally cool moms

is so stalk worthy. This mom isn't willing to give up fashion, even with a babe on her hips and two others running around. She's such a rocker and I wish I had the daring style she does.

color me katie
proof that although we may get older, we don't really have to grow up. Street artist and photographer, this girl's vibe for life is contagouse. I dare you to try not to smile whilst perusing her blog. oh, and her cat, moo, is pretty neat too :)

enjoying the small things
"Van Gogh used paints to portray what inspired him... Me? I like photos and words." Both of which are lovely. I especially like reading about her relationship and dealings with her daughter, nella. I feel empowered and motivated to embrace my life more from her blog.

bean tree
I've had the privlidge of being in an art class with this miss. her work is so raw and real, and I basically want to be best friends with her. I've even thought up plots of her marrying one of Brandon's friends.... check out her film photographs.

no two fish are alike
also and artist friend! If you want to make photos on your blog all big and cool like mine check out her tutorials here {she basically holds your hand through the whole process, which is just how i like it}. Thanks Brit! Also, she's training for a triathlon. what the what?! i know....

a film maker and photographing couple. Their little videos and lovely lit photos document their life in virginia and the process of adopting a girl, Rhina, from africa. I pray their little girl can come home to them soon.

gah! spread the word on this one! It's a collaborative work of over 40 artists creating a magazine specializing in simple small gatherings. I'd die for an invitation to one of their parties...

a meg story
in her own words this girl "has an old soul". Her amazing writing will make you question her young age. 18 really?! she pens emotions that are hilarious, real, deep, raw, and altogether captivating. she also was a winner of my sr. photo shoot give away and you better believe I can't wait to meet her!

coffee flavored satire
by none other than my little sis. she's a hoot. just check her out ok?

dolor haze
this photographer is a mere 16 years old?! She's becoming a big deal in the fashion industry! I love seeing talented people make it places. oh...and we are totally friends on FB. and yah, that makes me feel a little cool.

mandi is a poet. I want her to write a book so i can take it with me everywhere and open it up anytime I need my soul to be tickled. she also lives in my neck of the woods; I've ran into her a few times but have been too bashful to introduce myself. I'll be brave next time Mandi!

every post has me thinking "man, I wish i drew that..." Someday I'll commission a portrait of my lover and I from her, and I'll hang it above my mantle. And when people see it they will tilt their head and scratch their chin (cause that's what one does when observing good art.)

What are some of your favorite blogs? I'd love to hear about them!


  1. Some of these blogs are my favorites, too! I just have to get over the creepy feeling of following someone's blog whom I've never met in real life. It's okay though, right? In the interest of high quality blog dissemination?

  2. Oh my goodness, you are the nicest! And thanks so much for sharing your favorite blogs! I love it when I find new awesome blogs to read.

  3. The Daybook (for fashion and fun)

    The Meanest Mom (for wetting yourself and worrying about life after parenthood)

    All the Belles & Whistles (for wonderful snippets of life and brilliant photography)