playing house..

we kinda like being married.
it's like playing house but for reals.

you kiss each other goodbye on the way out the door,
try and tidy the house right before the other comes home,
talk about the kids you'll someday have and pick out all their names,
and you decorate your home.

last week we picked the perfect shade of grey, tonight we begin painting!
it's kinda a miracle we agreed on the color.
of all our flaws our biggest one to hurtle is we both have opinions {about decor}.
he says his sneakily.
i say mine loudly.

but for now, we agree on a grey.

and life is good.

as far as other adult-like responsiblities such as:


& paying the bills
we'd rather play pretend.

in other news there is a crowd of peeps outside my window having a little BBQ. i'm kinda offended i wasn't invited. granted i don't know a single one...but how dare someone ring in summer without me?! jk jk... but really, i'm thinking it's about time for a garden picnic party! KELSEE, BRIGHTON, i'm talking to you!!



  1. we just painted our bedroom gray and we LOOOOOVE it. oh, i love it!!

    this makes even more like real friends. i would still like to use you as a model sometime. still interested? email me. :)

  2. aghhhh! i keep posting things under lincoln's log in. that was jalene, not the crazy ciekawe zycie polish name.


  3. I just thought I'd say that I love your blog! I've actually been reading it for a while now and found it from my friend Jenna. Haha and I randomly remembered this the other day, but I'm the girl that bought your barbie calendars from your yard sale! I still have them, and I'm cutting them out to make cute prints and put them up in my room. Anyways, hope you don't think i'm a creeper ha ;)

  4. ahhh...I can't wait until we're in a place that we can paint!!!!

  5. I saw the BBQ too and was also quite offended!! And yes please to a garden party... And I'm sick and tired of being pale, so as soon as it's warm out, how about we tan on our shared roof?