last november B told me he was going to grow a mustache/beard for no shave november
"cool" i said. cause i'm a supportive wife and all.

when december rolled around he dropped the beard but kept the stache.
"cool" i said. cause remember, i'm supportive.

he said he just needed to keep it until christmas, get a good pic to send his brother, and then he'd bid it adieu. but by the time christmas rolled around i was hooked. i love his stache. he looks so distinguished, like Clark Gable. so i said yay to facial hair. in fact, if his facial hair growing skills were up to me i'd opt for the full lumberjack look: a manly luscious thick beard. {but i hear those who can grow such beards usually have loads of hair elsewhere. so i suppose i am grateful.}

being the supportive wife i am, i got him this book:

and i think it gave him some bad ideas....
for example, last week, after a few days of growth he did this:

not. cool.
i know it sounds dramatic but it was hard to look at him. chops? i kept thinking of ken from Freaks and Geeks. yuck.

after a night of hesitant kisses from me
he shaved the chops, kept the stache
but only after he got a decent pic.

to which i said i'd post, print ONE and delete forever from my computer.

i accept hearty mustaches and lumberjack beards
i say no to just about everything else.

facial hair.
what are your feelings?


  1. facial hair? oh. love it.

    and. where did you get that book?
    really. i wanna purchase one.
    for the future.

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  3. That last comment was deleted by me, haha. Wrong gmail account.

    LOVE facial hair. Super sexy.

    Though I married the wrong guy for facial hair. David has the facial hair of a 14 year old boy. :)

  4. haha I love scruff, everything else kinda grosses me out!

  5. I love facial hair on the right face. For some facial hair enhances the face for others, it makes them look sloppy. Facial hair also has to be maintained.

  6. Facial hair facial hair facial hair is the best, but you probably already know that I think that. I talk about how much I like facial hair. I talk about it a lot. Maybe not to you, but to just about everyone else. Brandoni only makes me like facial hair more because he is a living example of how sharp it can look when taken care of correctly. I luff you guys.
    And please let me marry any of your older, facial-haired companions.

  7. So I was going to leave a comment on facial hair, but I noticed the word verification thing that google has. Mine was: mants. Man eating ants. Mants. Write that in your copy books now. Love you guys.

  8. honestly? Not a fan usually. but oh man, when 5:00 rolls around and Derek has scruff....LOVE that!

  9. Oh my. He told me this story just the other day. He even mentioned the Seth Rogan comparison. Little did I know how grossly fitting it was. I am still laughing at the picture. Thank you for sharing with the world.


  10. Oh, I almost forgot- he referred to them as "hockey sticks." Deal-breaker? Most definitely.

  11. hah loving all your comments! To answer miss mandi's question: I got the book at BYU's MOA (museum of art....whoa acronyms!) though it's available on amazon and other book type places. I highly recommend it. it's a good read :) it tells the history, the how to's and even gives suggestions of how to style it with your wardrobe etc. pretty good stuff :)

    happy growing!