green jello

I swam through a pool of green instead of the typical (and sadly overused) BYU blue on my way to the library a minute ago.

yes: trying to navigate one's self through intersections on campus in between classes is like swimming through a pool of jello. green jello today.

yes: the color of choice for byu students is navy blue. which is actually a pretty classy color. but when played with sweat pants, faded jeans, tennis shoes (even for the anti-athlete) and the beloved modest lace tee undershirt.......the class is hard to find.

yes: I'm in the library. weird.

I'm not in elementary school anymore...so I guess it's understandable why I completely forgot about this holiday. back then i used to be witty and would wear yellow and blue and call it good. {but I'd always wear green undies just in case someone still felt the right to pinch. If i remember correctly, I'd even show people my undies just so I could pinch them back twice. how was that ok then?} today I'm counting myself lucky that my peachy peach hand embroidered shirt from our honey-moon in cabo has a green thread in it so I don't have to show anyone my undies. which, for the record, aren't green.


and now for some awkward library photos!
{which I actually followed through with this time! key is sit in the corner so you feel 99 times less awkward about snapping photos of yourself.}

ok still kinda awkward.
deer in headlights maybe?
{really though, it's awkward smiling and keeping completely sill at your computer when someone could be looking...}


  1. Lovely pics! I like the early morning poofy lips in the first photo. Ah, remembering when you were just a little tyke...

    (word ver. is porktain. ewwww)

  2. the thought of green garments made me laugh out loud.

  3. i would totally do the same thing. the only thing green i'd wear would be my underwear. =)