Yesterday I did something very brave.

I dyed my hair....


gross nasty face with bad lighting typical "before" photo
oh, and the hair.......

lovely lighting and pleasant demeanor
oh...and RED HAIR!
*hair in photo is redder than it appears
*also note I'm wearing the same shirt although pics taken on separate days...
it's my new favorite shirt

the combination of Walmart not having what we went there for, being with my encouraging mom and sister, and a sale on this particular hair color made it impossible to pass up. {and perhaps the fact that my hair was way over due for some spunk}

I'm excited for this bold new do to kick off what I know will be an amazing year.

My red hair, in a way, is a sort of symbol of how i want to face this next year:
with bravery.

all my new year's resolutions have to do with courage.

courage to try new things

so bring it on 2011!

p.s. you should really probably click on this right now, it's the ultimate to do list, the perfect way to get all that 2010 stuff out of the way and embrace 2011 with an organized life!