the whole world is celebrating mother's birthday!

{that title is for you kin!}

today is the last day of 2010. But even more importantly it's my dear sweet mother's Birthday! I know this saying is cheesy but words cannot describe my love for my mother. especially my words. seems i can never get out my truest feelings in the form of.....words. But here is my pathetic attempt: my mother is the greatest example to me. I'm lucky that my bratty teenage years were extremely short lived (in my opinion non-existant..?) We've always gotten along. I've always looked to her more as a friend than as a parent. But she's been better than any friend could be because she loves me unconditionally and always puts my needs, and anyone's for that matter, before herself.

dearest mum,

i love you to the moon and back and around a couple times too. Thank you for being here for me this last year, 2010 is the hardest yet most blessed year of my life yet. I know there is not a way i could have managed to get through it without you. Thank you for putting up with my "la-la land" moments during my dating days, bridezilla moments during wedding plans, my emotional moments during engaged times, my sick moments right before the wedding and after. Thanks for holding my hair while i threw up too many times to count. and for altering my wedding dress to be THE MOST GORGEOUS DRESS IN THE WORLD! thank you for encouraging me through a stressful semester of school and putting up with my phone calls to complain. Thanks for your uplifting words and inspiration. For you little love texts you send me through out the week. Thank you for your prayers and positive energy during my application to the visual arts program. thank you for little splurge trips to TJmaxx, for spoiling me to a lunch date, for supporting this silly little blog of mine. thank you for your example of a constant desire to learn and grow. I want to be you when i grow up. thank you for believing in me when i've lost hope in myself. You are my rock. I la la love you! Happy birthday mom


P.S. i'm putting together a "review of 2010". and yes I'm copying it from every blog i stalk :)