you know that day

you know that day you look forward to for weeks (sometimes months....)
that day when the moons align and the world somehow manages NOT to schedule you for a tiny thing
that day you have ZERO RESPONSIBILITY!
that day you can sleep in till embarassing hours and not feel guilty!!!

well today is that day.
and boy did I enjoy sleeping in!

my plans for the rest of the day....
last minute gift buying/wrapping
102 loads of laundry....

{gosh....that list sounds very grown-up-ish. I wish "watching TV" were on it....}

in other news,
how adorable is my sister?
seriously, if you ever need a good laugh your should check out her blog.
it's a daily routine for me.
you'll love it so much in fact, you'll probably never come back here...
ya see my sissy got all the good genes in the family:
the long eyelashes
fair skin
wavy hair
curves (in all the places i'm lacking...)
voice like an angel
and quick wit.

boy can she write!
{she makes me mum proud}

and i'm so happy she said such nice things about me cause she happens to know just about everything about me and could have revealed all my flaws and then you'd truly never come back!

But since you are here now let me share with you some very belated photos of our tree shopping adventures with our friends Josh and Kelsee. We really love this couple, we found them in our ward (church is a great way to make friends :) and hit it off almost immediately! I'm a little embarrassed that I put kelsee on my speeddial only a day or so of knowing her, but like i said, we hit it off! We love playing with them! and they are just so good to us, they have taken care of us multiple times the past few months when we've been ill (which is a surprisingly high number of times....we are sickos) and just last night we threw the most amazing of christmas parties with them (more on that later (yes, the one rae wasn't invited to)) k enough blabbing....here's the pics

{can you tell who picked out the tree....?}

happy christmas eve eve!

p.p.s. Banana Republic is having 40% off of all markdowns! (which is basically everything in the store....) I'm not working today but you can find me there tomorrow and I'd gladly help you find the best of gifts for your family and friends (or yourself!)


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