Hate is STUPID. Love is AWESOME. Melancholy is alright...

I assume the title of this post will serve something of a disclaimer to the reader that the following is not going follow the normal trend of Kitty's other posts.
Because this is, in fact, not Kitty.
This is the little sister, Rae.
The combination of my seeester being too busy, her blog being opened and unfinished, and me just generally lacking the energy or will to do anything else but blattack (HA! 'blog attack'...) have resulted in me... um... being here.
Number One: Never attempt to invent your own words unless you're absolutely positive they don't sound like a stubborn infestation of unwanted critters. (I am already committed and, therefore, cannot omit the possibly unsavory word.)

So I'm here... but where's the lovely author of this blog that you intended to read of when you came to this website, but were met by this (hopefully not too unpleasant) surprise that is ME?
Kitty is getting ready for a 'cocktail-dress-wearing-bubbly-drinking-Rae-is-not-invited-to' party. (pinky out.)
I'm almost sure I don't care that much that I'm being left out... BUT I'm just saying I could probably up-fancy any one of those happily married folk attending.
I mean, I eat pizza-flavoured pringles with my pinky sticking straight out... because we all know that if one is confronted with an unfamiliar and jarringly 'fancy-pants' situation, "When in doubt, pinky out."
Number Two: Never eat pringles out of the can while, at the same time, trying to be fancy... unless you don't value the well-being of your little finger. Which you definitely should.

I don't know how Kitty will react to me telling you what I'm going to tell you next, but...
I'm writing and I'M in control right now.
She got into the art program at BYU which, in case a few of you don't know (I didn't), is a pretty big deal.
To be honest, I was rather uninvolved in the entry progression as a whole, but she did ask me to assist her in making a movie about the process of creating something she called "The Yarn Tree."
...I don' t even... just-my sister sees crazy artistic things sometimes.
I'm unsure if she wanted to tell you herself, or if she is just tactful enough to not mention it herself, but I have bragging rights for the time being, and, like I said, I'm in control now...
Ahem-NUMBER THREE! Never... hurt your little sisters. Kitty, think of it as foreshadowing posts of Christmas yet to come. (There's the obligatory Christmas reference.)

I guess now is as good as--DANG IT.
I guess now is as good as any other time to bring this post to a close.
I apologize if you haven't particularly enjoyed my sesquipedalian writings about Kitty,
or my numbered suggestions,
or, especially, the fact that I used the word 'sesquipedlian.'
Rest assured, your beloved stalkee will soon return once she is not as busy being... busy.

Unplanned Number Four: I feel that Arby's jamocha shakes and humorous/ironic outlooks on the human condition are both so much better than a lot of things... so give my blog a visit, appropriately named: coffeeflavouredsatire.blogspot.com.

P.S. Kitty read this over and encouraged that I post a picture of us. But to see one, you must visit my blog. This may or may not be but definitely is an unnecessary ploy to get more foot traffic to that dusty corner of cyberspace.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS to Claire for clearing the very high hurdle of acceptance into the BYU art program.

    A Christmas wish: That everyone would have a sister or friend equal to the blattacker-Rae. Someone who will cheer your successes and announce the wonderful things you have done.