My dearest friend Lauren {or as i like to call her "la-la"}
is marrying her sweetheart in december!

Kait and I threw a shower for her last night, here are some of the photos!
{this is like the quickest turn-around for me ever!}

I cropped them all in squares. Why? cause it's challenging for me. and I like squares :)

Her wedding color is eggplant, a very difficult color to come by. So I added to the pallet more shades of violet and subtle greens and blues.

everything tastes better on/in glass

the yummiest little cupcakes made and decorated by my talented mother {they taste even better than they look! and with them being so small, you don't feel guilty eating 3 or 5 or 10}

carnations: one of my favorite flowers

paper garland {super easy to make!}

just a bit of the good eats
{there was another table adorned with goodies that my camera somehow neglected}

birds. vintage tablecloth, pitcher, and vases from my wedding

vintage glass party trays found at savers years ago

hanky panky panties

go away goodies

don't you just love love?
and parties?

oh how i love me a good party :)


  1. Love the party Claire! You guys did a great job! Love that her color is eggplant too... that is so IN right now.

  2. That seriously was the cutest shower ever!! :) You and Kait did such a good job! And Laur was just so cute!! :)

  3. You and Kait are such wonderful friends -- Lauren loved the evening, thank you for making it so special for her! Can't believe you girls are all grown up!