guess what?

I am happy.
We are happy.

I wake up to my husband pushing the snooze button.
I wake up happy.

I get a ride to school from my husband.
I go to school happy.

I get texts throughout the day from husband.
{the silliest and sweetest of texts mind you}
I walk all over campus just beaming {happy}

I come home to my happy husband who literally sweeps me off my feet when I walk through the door. Sometimes he hears my car pull up and runs to the window to welcome me. Then he kisses me all over my face and tells me how much he missed me and I drop everything and we go and snuggle for at least a 5 minutes before we get started on whatever the next thing on the "to do list" is.
And I happily do that thing.

often, happiness is an impulse.
but other times it's a decision.

I suppose there are a lot of reasons I could be unhappy.
But I choose to be happy.

and the husband helps a lot a lot.

wishing you the happiest of days,
xoxo Kitty