Date Night

My sweetheart and I had an impromptu date the other night. I was on the search for art supplies and inspiration. {What place to go than DI right?} We stayed until close, putting all sorts of treasures in our cart. Amongst other goodies, we walked away with these:

Thrift store dates were our favorite during our "courtship". Since we've been married it's been hard to find the time & resources to continue to "date" (which I believe is huge factor to keeping marriages romantic and fun). What fun, cheap, and easy dates do you and your sweetheart love most? We'd love to hear your ideas :)


  1. Dad and I used to walk the old train trail (Burke-Gilman Trail) in Seattle to a little hole in the wall Chinese restaurant and get the lunch special for $5. It was enough to feed us both and even you and Dane when you were babies. Thus began your love for fried rice. Right next to this was a tiny antique shop where I found sterling silver serving spoons for a steal and also the gold wedding band to replace the one dad lost soon after we were married! And it was only $35. We don't do as many cheap dates now, though those are the ones I remember. These will be wonderful memories for you 25 years from now. Even more so that you are recording them by word and picture.

  2. Derek and I LOVE to read together. We pick a book we love (or go buy one we both really want) and then read out loud to each other. Doing the voices and everything, of course! We're also huge fans of going for walks and dreaming about our house some day. :D

  3. David and I do "Dollar Dates".
    Gather our quarters and head over somewhere for a soft serve ice cream cone (chocolate dipped if we have a little extra change) and go out for a dollar movie!
    Or get us a bag of peaches (Calvin's favorite..) from the Farmer's Market, bring a blanket and eat our peaches under the sun and the trees.

    Great post, Claire! Lots of happy nostalgia! :)

  4. We like to go to the dollar movies & pack my (very handy and large expanding) purse with dollar store candy and soda. it's like $5 total and so much fun.

    sometimes we'll splurge and go to a normal movie- which always changes up our lives since we spend a total of $12 at a matinee at the normal theatres. we pop our own popcorn and get mcdonalds diet coke 2.15 total.