Dear Puma,

I'm sorry that when I come home to visit I avoid you. You try and nuzzle me and I push you away. You meow and yowl and I make you go outside. This must be confusing for you since we used to be really close. You used to sleep at the foot of my bed and you'd wake me up in the morning and you were always such a good listener. I just want you to know It's not you. But it's not me either. It's the husband. You make him get all itchy and then his eyes puff up and he becomes a sad sammy. But Cat, I sure love you and your leopard belly, even though you are the most self-centered living thing on this earth, and you lick your own bum, and you
are kinda rude sometimes. I just don't love you enough to make my man's eyes all scary.

I do hope you understand...


{photos of earlier days, when we used to touch.}


  1. Mowww. I should be the center of your life. Hsssss to that husband of yours.


  2. Dear Puma,
    You can't pull the wool over my eyes.
    I know what you really are.
    You're that old serpent who beguiled our first parents.
    You'd better play by my rules or I'll expose you.