The mr and I just got back from DC with the family and to my giddy surprise Elise Lauren posted photos from the wedding! I can't tell you how happy I am right now!!! Mostly, I can't even explain how happy I am that Elise was our photographer! She was just as much a bridesmaid, as she was a photographer (i'm pretty sure I had her fix my home-made-hair-do a bazillion times that day). Anyway B and I still don't have internet :( But in the mean time you should go check out the amazing elise's blog!! here. And you can view more from the wedding day from her blog (and order prints!) I'm a little jealous...you'll probably get to see them all before I do! poo poo (darn no internet....) Anyway...I can't emphasize how grateful I am to Elise! Her work is amazing!! She captured every bit of everything! More on her and more on the wedding and DC soon!

the hubs and I are excited to sleep in our own bed tonight which means leaving my parentals....which means leaving internet...which means leaving all the lovely photos.... :(

love to you all!!


P.S. I only had time to steal one photo from Elise. I can't even say it's my favorite though...all of them are favorites!


  1. ooh i just looked at them. since you told me about her i have been excited to see how she did yours and i think they were better than ever. so beautiful! now i want her to do mine...someday!

  2. CLAIRE! They are GORGEOUS! You are Gorgeous! Brandon's gorgeous!


  3. i saw them yesterday. they are soooo beautiful! wow. your wedding looked divine.

    lincoln sets people up with internet all the time. let me know if you want info ;) he'll give you a great deal and it'll help us out. just email me.

  4. send me your email address for your blog invite.

  5. claire you are featured in my comic strip on my blog. please read it.