This Handsome Devil

is my husband.

I maybe just mighta sorta stalked his music here for um....about 4 months before he asked me out. On our first date his parents talked him into playing a few of his songs for me. I pretended I had no idea he did that sort of stuff (yeah, i'm a liar...but i had to protect my pride right?!) I had to clench my teeth so I wouldn't give myself away by singing along! He's so talented. I can't hum a tune. And he WRITES them. He amazes me. Yesterday I came home from work to here his lovely voice as he sang a brand new song. It's not recorded yet (like so many of them). But maybe someday eh? He'd probably hate me for bragging about him like this so I better stop. But check out his stuff here and you'll see {hear} what i mean :)

The favorites of the day are

Road Sweet Home with Katie Brandeburg


Sailboat to the Moon

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  1. It's really nice how you're totally pimping him out :) That's awesome.