I've been needing some fresh air.
no, not the kind you can find when you walk out your front door...
no, the fresh i'm talking about can't easily be found.

I learned that after I went searching for it on my 45 min run around the neighborhood.

nope, that wasn't the fix i was looking for.

so my dad and I went up provo canyon to stewart falls.

for a "real" run
and "real" fresh air.

but I have to be honest, the run didn't last long.

it turned into more of a
if you will.

real fresh air can do a lot of good for the soul.

My dad always says "If God has something important to tell you, he'll tell you on a mountain." or at least something along those lines. he's a mountain man. And he knows these sorts of things.

he was right.
the closer we got to the top the more relieved I felt.
and then when we finally reached the falls
I felt myself let go.
I let go of worries
and stress
and burdens.

It's like the spray from the falls was washing it all away.

and I feel nourished.

and finally today:

It's like I was Allison in Wonderland. I had lost a bunch of my "muchness".
But I think I've gotten most of it back...

So I'll probably be stopping in more regularly.
...I've got a lot of catching up to do...

Hope you all are having a lovely saturday :)


p.s. if you've lost your "muchness" I suggest a walk-about.


  1. I love hiking to stewart falls!!! I know perfectly what you said about feeling filled in all those ways. :) Ah, nature is healing for the soul.

  2. claire can i just say how wonderful of a writer you are. you express yourself so well, something i'm not too good at.