So my announcements are going out at my newly developed standard time:

{i hope this lateness wears off after all this wedding hooplah...it's so not like me...)

but hey...

they were well worth the wait :)

I'm in love with:
the colors
the texture and weight of the paper (yes...the weight)
the fonts
the layout
the GORGEOUS botanical peony
the photo
the way the envelope seal doesn't come to a point
my mothers lovely handwritten addresses...
blah blah blah

love it all :)

which makes me a happy bride and therefore makes everyone else around me uber happy (and relieved) too :)

Happy Bride = Happy Everyone Else

{funny/sad how that works}

I'm not ready to show every inch of them off yet. (it's the selfish bridezilla in me or something....) but I couldn't help but snap some photos of them. mind you...the color is a little off...but you get the gist.

oh yeah...and I had a fetish with square frame today. different.

love. it.

my name belongs next to his.

{isn't that tiny corner of his face just so hott? gah...!}


*friends/family: they are coming! I promise!


  1. The invites are gorgeous and from the small bits of the picture I saw a great photograph too. The black font is so loopy meets victorian cursive love it!!

  2. LOVE them! and they are so you! I know i am a million miles away, but i still want one :)