Hello everyone. This is Kennedy, Claire's mom. I figured I better do an update to Claire's blog since her last entry was rather mysterious. She began having some stomach pain Tuesday and figured it was something she ate, or as it progressed, possibly a flu bug. By late Tuesday night she was in severe pain and we took her to the ER. They did a CT scan and found she had a kidney stone that was working its way down slowly and very painfully. They medicated her, kept her a few hours for observation and discharged her. We were back within 2 hours. The medication had worn off and she was vomiting from the pain and unable to keep the Lortabs down. This time she was VERY heavily sedated and was kept for 4 hours observation. Again, she was discharged to go home and wait for the stone to pass. This is normal procedure for kidney stones. So between the Lortabs and the suppositories (to control nausea and vomiting) she has been a groggy, drug induced state going on 3 days now. She was able to sleep some last night but woke to pain, and the cycle begins again. Pain=nausea=vomiting=unable to keep pain pills down. She is currently sleeping on the bathroom floor, for convenience sake, and I will have to wake her to force some liquids (so important with stones) and some food so she can try the pills again. I know this sounds so feelingless, and emotionless, especially coming from her mom, who would, in normal conditions, blog only of happy things and love. Those are still there, just being temporarily overshadowed by this darn bad luck. I will ask for some prayers for her. She is weak and discouraged which is so unlike her. AND SHE IS GETTING MARRIED 2 WEEKS FROM TODAY!! Let's get this stone a-moving, people!!

Her Mum, Kennedy

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