Hello again. Kennedy...again! Well, Claire's kidney stone, known to our family as "Spike" has not been behaving as he should. He should have been out a long time ago but continues to cause severe pain to Claire. We took her back to the ER on Thursday and they re-hydrated her, pumped her full of pain killers, and monitored her for a while. Then home again with new and BETTER!! pain meds that don't cause nausea. (she had been unable to keep any substantial food down for 4 days.) She has been able to eat a little bit these past few days, but is still extremely uncomfortable, and, as should be expected, fairly depressed about the whole thing. We went to a urologist this afternoon (Monday) and after looking at new xrays of Spike (and his siblings) they have determined that the best thing to do is surgery. She will go to UVRMC tomorrow morning, they will scope up through her bladder, into the ureter and locate the evil culprit and either net him, or zap him and then net him and get him out of Dodge. Or out of Claire, rather. They will probably leave a tube in the ureter for a couple of days to make sure that any irritation caused by the scoping does not close off her kidney functions. Then, in a couple of days, another office visit to remove the tube. (!ouch!) And hopefully, a full week to recover and be that beautiful bride and sweet Claire that we have missed this past week. Can you believe it? A whole week? I'm peeved, but at the same time, relieved. We want her well. We want her happy. We want her to be the blushing bride she was meant to be. Please send prayers, good wishes, and positive thoughts her way! I will update tomorrow. GO! FIGHT! WIN! CLAIRE!!
PS FYI Spike is about the size of this o, 2 mm. You would think it wouldn't be such a big deal, but he's named Spike for a reason. He is barbed. I'm putting that on my list of questions for God when I see him. Right up there with mosquitos.

Mom T

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  1. Yuck! Sounds like no fun--tell Claire she's getting a whole bunch of prayers from me and Derek here in Europe!! And tell her we love her tons and tons!!