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So I've got these fantastic friends.

And I know everyone thinks that about their friends. But seriously, my friends could beat up your friends.


they are that great.

I've been so blessed to have them by my side almost all 20 years of my living! And then something peculiar happened this last year:

we all (semi) grew up.

doing big grown up stuff like:
adventuring, trying new scary/risky things, traveling, learning, getting boyfriends (yes, a very grown-up-ish thing for us) and in my case: engaging.

Oh so guess what's cool!? we all blog.

this one is having tea-time in London.

this one is walking like an egyptian in the middle east.

& this one is in the same city as me. But we never see each other
(crazy how that happens when you grow up. fall in love. plan a wedding...)

i miss them all very very much.
i'm glad we are all growing up and doing big scary things and living our lives and all.

but you want to know what?

I'm a selfish person.
I'm a bride-zilla.
I want them all here with me.
I want their growing up to be cohesive with my growing up.

I don't want growing up to be growing apart....

i need them.
you know, for shoulder support. For sympathy for my hectic life (yeah...i'm that selfish). For girl time. I want to tell them of my scary encounter at work, or show them favorites from my wedding shoots this past week, or eat cake batter and "ants on a leaf". I want to stay up late hearing about their boyfriends and talking about love. I want to show them my wedding dress on! for them to tell me how pretty i'll look, And discuss all those silly wedding details. I want to go to a dollar movie with them. look at "little numbers" together (heheh) and pick our favorites. I want to hear about their adventures in person! I want to walk barefoot down their street to their houses, knock on the door, and have them answer. I want to sneak out at night and get into to trouble with them. Or doorbell ditch houses in our neighborhood dressed up in giant cardboard boxes. I want us to make headbands and share clothes and giggle together. I want to watch mean girls and monty python with them and laugh our heads off. I want us to watch the notebook and ball our eyes out. I want us to argue over who would play who in "little women".
And then I want them here for no reason at all but to be here.

and I do feel a little guilty being so selfish since Brandon is the best friend I've ever had (as it should be) and I couldn't possibly ask for more.

I just miss my girls.

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  1. I know how you feel (to an extent), but you're right B will always be there for you as your best friend- and that's worth something, actually, everything!

    I am so glad all these ladies have blogs.. I never knew that! :)