Brandon Breaks Into Claire's Blog YET AGAIN...

Dearest Claire,
In response to your last post:
(Don't get me wrong, I like your girlyfriends.)

I will be your shoulder support
(my shoulders are broader and more accommodating than your girlfriends' shoulders anyway).

I will give you all sorts of sympathy for your hectic life
(I may be a little more monotone and a little less cute about it than your girlfriends would, but I know I'll be sincere).

Unfortunately, I can't give you girl time
(although I wish I somehow could).

You can show me all your shoots from the past week, and I'll be awed by the way you capture people and things with your camera.
You're very talented, my love.

I'll eat cake batter if you want.
And "ants on a leaf" (which is a leap of faith on my part because I have no idea what that is).

I can't stay up late with you and tell you about any boyfriends,
but we can always talk about love.
(Preferably our love, which is the best kind.)

You can show me your wedding dress on if you want...
And as you know, I have a tendency to tell you a lot about how pretty you are.
I just can't keep it inside me.

I love to go to the dollar movies with you.

You can walk barefoot up the street to my house and knock on the door. I'll be there to answer it whenever you like.
Then we can walk barefoot anywhere.
Or we could go for a drive and pick sunflowers together.

I'll sneak out at night and get into trouble with you...
Just not certain kinds of trouble...
until we're hitched. [wink, nudge, grin]

I'll look for clothes and make headbands with you
(you just can't really share them with me).

I'll watch Monty Python with you and we'll laugh our faces off
(and we can watch Mean Girls if you insist).

You and I do have a history of watching The Notebook and balling our eyes out together. And when the movie's over,
we kiss through our silly little sobs and tears
(which is something you sure can't do with your girlfriends).

And then if you want me there for no reason at all but to be there,
I'll be there.

"If you're a bird, I'm a bird."

I'm not saying I'm under appreciated.
I do know how much you love me--
and it's a whole lot more than I could ever deserve or even ask for.

I'm not saying I'll do whatever I can to one-up your friends or push them out of the picture.
I'm just saying I'll do everything I can to fill any holes they've left when they're gone.

I love you, my Claire.

I can't wait to call myself your husband.
I can't wait to come home to you.
I can't wait 'til my home and your home are one and the same.
I can't wait 'til we won't have to go our separate ways when we say goodnight.
I can't wait 'til we won't have to call each other on the phone to say good morning.
I can't wait for my life and your life to be our life.

Oh, my sweet Claire...

You're my best friend.

I love you.



  1. What a keeper! And I love the use of sinceriously <3

  2. (Okay, I don't know you but...) This is cuter than a chick flick.

  3. Brandon, you are such the romantic. You and Claire are perfect together. :) And I hope to have more dinner dates with you guys because we all need more married friends, am I right?

  4. Oh my goodness this is adorable.

  5. wow this is cute!!!!! I agree with Hilary...better than a chick flick!!!