the deer, the boot, and the crook

by kitty

Chapter 1: The Deer

Once upon a Saturday, Kitty was happily making her way back to her apartment to get ready for a date with her beau. She was very excited for this date. Because she loved spending time with her beau! This date though, was especially exciting because her BFF kait was coming too! (with her own date of course). Anyway, like I said, she was driving home when all of a sudden out of the blue a deer ran into her car! Yes, the deer ran into her, not the other way around. This was very startling but somehow she managed to keep her cool. The whole thing was graphic and traumatic, so she'll spare you the details. Somehow, miraculously, the deer pranced away as though nothing had happened. Kitty, on the other hand, was traumatized. She started hyperventilating, cause she kinda does that when she gets scared. When she finally got her self composed, she opened the door to see what damage had been done. Except that the door wouldn't open. cause it was all crushed in. So she climbed out saw to her dismay, that poor Nicolas Cage (that her car's name, thanks to B) was kinda a mess. Luckily the car still ran fine and she made it back to her apartment safely. And without getting hit by another deer.

Chapter 2: The boot

She hurried into her apartment where Kait took good car of her. Hugged and kissed her mental boo-boos away, and helped her get a cute outfit together. The help was very much needed and oh-so appreciated. So much that Kitty started to get excited for her date again! She called her beau and told him where to park so that they wouldn't have to park miles and miles away {BYU peeps, you know what I'm talking about}. Well little did Kitty know, but this was a very big mistake.

Just wait though.

First the boys parked and then came to pick the pretty girls up, and yes they looked very pretty. And the boys thought so too. And they chatted for a bit and then went to said parked car only to find that it had been booted! the culprit: Lyle {seriously, what kind of name is that?}. Much to their dismay they had to wait for the meanie to come take his boot off their car. And then they had to pay a pretty penny. And yes, it was a very pretty penny. A very pretty and shiny penny. It put them all in a poopy mood to say the least. So then Kitty started to wonder if maybe she was bad luck...

she just had no idea how unlucky...

Chapter 3: The Crook

So after a very fun successful cookie decorating date, the boys dropped off the girls and this time, they parked in a safe spot. The girls were all giggly and decided to stay up late chatting about the nights events, as BFF's are wont to do. They rather enjoyed this but it made them really really sleepy in the morning. So sleepy that Kitty decided that she'd sleep through church {bad Kitty} and go to her Beau's ward later that day. So off her roommates went and Kitty fell back into a deep sleep. A mist her happy dreaming she heard some very loud knocks on the door. She got out of bed, put her glasses and snuggly bathrobe on, and opened the door to find an officer there.

Mr. Officer: "Is there anyone else in your apartment with you?"

Kitty: "No my roommates are both at church, i've just been sleeping"

CC (girl across the hall) : "You've been in your room all along?! I saw a guy go into your apartment!"

what happened next was all a big blur of emotions. CC hurried kitty into her apartment where she went on to tell her a very scary story.

"I was sleeping in when I heard a knock at the door. It took me a minute to get out of bed and when I got there, the door handle jiggled. I looked through the peep hole to see a man walk away, over to your door where he did the same thing. Only when he jiggled the door handle, it opened. He went inside, without closing the door, walked around for a minute looking around, then went to the door, closed it again, and was inside. A few minutes later he walked out, while putting something in his pocket. I called the police immediately."

Kitty couldn't believe what she was hearing. Some old man was in her apartment while she was sleeping? While the door to her room was open!? and she layed in bed with her skimpys on?!? She was mortified. She called her roommates who hurried home from church. They couldn't find anything missing; all the goods were still there: wallets, computers, cameras, ipods....They would have never guessed anyone had been there. Except that there was an eye witness! Thanks to CC, mr. officer got a pretty good description of what he looked like: middle aged, brown hair, balding, etc. etc.

since then kitty has been very uneasy. There isn't much she can do about the situation except think/hope that the guy was only a crook, not a creeper. But she can't help but think, if someone's morals are low enough to break into apartments and steal stuff....who knows what else they would do. Kitty is a deep sleeper. This is maybe a good thing, or maybe a very bad thing. She keeps imaging in her head what should would have done if she woke up and saw him, she probably would have done something stupid, like try and attack him. And she's kinda scrawny, so that wouldn't have ended well.

she's praying he gets caught.

the end.

well all. I hope you enjoyed that very unfortunate but very true story of my weekend. Let me tell ya....it was a doozy. I'm still recovering. And sorry for the lack of pics. I thought I'd spare you.
I hope you all had very

*tow truck booter guys are meanies. read my towing episode here


  1. Claire!!! O my heavens! Your weekend! Woof! I just read this to my coworkers. I think you need a treat.

  2. by the way i love your profile pic...super creative. i hope this week goes especially well for you!

  3. ok that's it...you need to move back home...who cares if you're in a contract and paying for it, just go back home. If you would have been at your mama's house, none of that would have happened.

  4. I'm so glad you are safe though! Love ya!

  5. claire I love your blog! That's so scary about that creeper though. Last semester, something just like that happened to my apartment at liberty. I'm not sure what it is about that apartment complex. It's so scary though so I'm sorry! I'm glad your safe:)

  6. i agree with steph you should definitely move back home.