100 days of


I'm determined.

Goals are a great thing. They are like good friends of mine that I see once and never run into again, until months or years later and say "oh, you were pleasant for that brief time we spent together."

And then we try and catch up but....you can't really catch up on months or years of lost time. So we leave it at that.

my goals are kinda like that.

I set them. And they are always amazing goals. And then...somehow they just sneak away before I even have a chance to accomplish them! {how rude!}

But like I said, I'm determined to accomplish this one.
So I'm going public {or posting public i should say} so that you {you being the blogger world} can hold me accountable.

{whoever you are...}

I set this goal in Times New Roman.
{yeah, I'm that serious}

here's what my 100 days of health includes:
  • no treats or sweets {do I really need to define? we know what these are}
  • running for 100 days! {not including sundays. duh.}
  • take my vitamins EVERY stinken day.
  • bedtime no later than 12:30 {weekends not included}

I started today!
so far, I've been 100%!

1 day down,
99 to go...

want to join me?! You totally should. we will be healthy together!
Pledge your healthiness goals in comments below!
{remember, when you type it out in Times New Roman, it's sealing the deal!}

Finish Day is May 12th
{note the countdown to the left, exciting isn't it?!}

watch out healthiness! Here I come!!!!

p.s. happy groundhogs day!


  1. PLEEEEEDGE! mom and i are going to try and look just as good as some certain people by a certain date. we're just doing p90x and eating the p90x diet. personally, i feel sore, but the four pounds i've lost compensates for that. :)

  2. I'm just sore. All over. I think I'm committed to P30x. I don't know that I could handle 90 days! (Those people!!)

  3. Yay! Good luck! I think I'd have such a hard time with sweets, but I know several people who have successfully done it! :) Good luck!

    Cute blog!

  4. I'm gonna do it with you!! I don't know you, but being healthy is ALWAYS good! So I'm there with ya!! (not the running part...I just can't run) No more treats or sweets tho! Let's do it!

  5. I'm definitely in!!!

    I have to get in the best shape for my wedding :-)

    This is awesome!

  6. Way to go Claire! I had a similar goal last year and it was great! I would say I would pledge and join you now but I am too lazy to fully commit myself to something like that. You are pretty inspiring though.....maybe, I'll just do a toned down version. :) My big goal these days is making sure I get enough water. I am horrible at that. Good luck to you!

  7. Claire you are an inspiration to me...if I looked like you, I would do none of it, but I love that you love yourself the way you do and take care of yourself the way you do. I do have the last one down...sleep. I'm really great at that! Love you girl and hope to hear some good new soon! :)