Negative Nelly

Was that post really me the other day?!
Sometimes I'm embarrassed to admit how girly-moody I can be.

up up
down down

It is exhausting.
Life always has it's ups and downs. It's only natural. But if we {we meaning I} let our {my} moods follow the currents of life, we'd {I'd} be seasick ALL THE TIME.

And really, that little tiny weeny insignificant thing that I let bring me down, wasn't worth it.
But I was being stubborn.
I wanted to hurt. {I sadly remind myself of Hamlet sometimes, (yes I'm still reading it)}.

Anyway just wanted to say sorry for being a Negative Nelly. Broken Kitty is now Fixed.
B fixed me.

He came over to my apartment way late at night and gave me the best pep talk i'll ever have. He reminded me exactly who it is that I am. He reminded me that I'm not small, or even normal, but rather that I'm big! And that little downfalls only make me stronger. He kissed my teary-eyed and runny-nosed face.
And told me not that things will be better, but that things already are.
And they were.

he's amazing.
and i love him.

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  1. we don't know each other, I don't even recall how I found your blog, but I love your photography and even more your posts. your boyfriend is amazing and so are you. it sounds weird [considering I don't know either of you] but I think you two are perfect for one another. he really believes in you. good luck in all you do.