Happy Birthday Big Brother!

Dear Brother,

I can't believe how old you are! 22 is like...way old. remember when we were little and wore ninja turtle underwear on our heads? Or when we would go streaking in our backyard in seattle with nothing but our saltwater sandals on? Those were the days huh? Gosh I've basically always wanted to be like you. I remember being jealous that you could pee standing up. I tried it once, sitting suits me just fine now :) I also remember when you'd tease me and I'd cry and tattle on you. I've grown up some since then. Remember how we used to build the coolest forts in the basement. Remember how you took me on my first date? Or how you let me feel cool and hang out with the older kids in high school?! (I was so proud to be your sister). Remember how you played football all through high school and I wouldn't miss a game for the life of me? Remember how you always tickle me to death? Remember all those late night talks, or how you'd sing me yo sleep with your guitar? Remember when you left for an LDS mission in South Korea for two years? Remember how much I missed you?! And how happy I was when you came home? Remember how we both found love for the first time?! And how much fun that still is!

Brother, I love you to the moon.
Happy Birthday


little sis

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