Things I don't have photos of.

2.26.14 staying up late the night before, working on our church talks. I'm always so calm before and nervous during. Brandon is the opposite.

2.21.14 My dry winter hands running over the dry red rocks of southern Utah during a quick trip for an art educator convention (the red rocks were the highlight).

2.24.14 Me lifting at the gym !!!! (actually, maybe we should be grateful there are no photos, I'm sure I was making all kinds of faces).

2.28.14 Driving Spanish Fork Canyon in the rain with Brando, location scouting for an engagement shoot.

3.3.14 Gathering around Grandma with family in her last moments.

My camera rarely comes out in those moments I really want to remember. Sometimes I don't think of it. Other times, it stays put because I don't think it can capture that moment the way my mind/heart needs to. This last month was so full: personal accomplishments, new jobs/responsibilities, an email that answered a prayer I've had in my heart since January 2013, my first real loss, and sunshine.


  1. Well said. I like the thought that our hearts have captured the moment. Love you!

  2. Some things are unframeable. xo

    1. Yes. I sort of feel that way about all the Guatemala pics. They often feel false to the memories I have.

  3. i just spent a while stalking your blog, and i must say, it's been a great use of my time. you are so talented with words, and i loved this post. the most cherished memories i have are ones that can't be found anywhere else but my head. it's a little selfish, but i like the best ones to myself. can't wait to follow along.