by Jane Sheldon

Today I traveled to a small town about 75 miles outside of my small town to set up for an art show that's opening next week. I had really wanted someone to come with me, since it's a longish drive (small town speed limits = slow) and I'm not very familiar with the place but stars were busy and nothing aligned. Turns out it was really great being alone. It shouldn't surprise me, I've been craving alone time lately. Not because I don't like other people (I do, sort of.) but I'm getting really comfortable with myself. I can be my own best friend, which is nice, and really convenient for long car rides. Once, when Brando and were just becoming a "we" I convinced him to go on a day trip with me to visit Smithson's Spiral Jetty. We sat in silence in the car for such a long time and I learned that it's not always a bad thing, to say nothing. Understanding takes place during silence.

I feel like I got to know myself a little better today.

This work isn't mine (it's by Jane Sheldon) but I love it.

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  1. So many of your posts, happy or sad bring so much joy to my mind. Especially being a newly wed it's so nice to know that things aren't always perfect. And I have never been that oblivious that I thought it would but your struggles and triumphs that you post about yourself and or with Brandon are so important. It has become such a lovely quality about you that I just idol. I wish you all the happiness and I really, really enjoy your blog and your willingness to express. I hope this doesn't come off weird. But I have been seeing more and more of "fake" blogging where people make their lives to be perfect when in reality they are not. It's just a breath of fresh air and I feel that it's more relatable. Just thank you, and enjoy Europe!