12 claires

*I thought I exposed and ruined a roll while still in my camera so Brandon clicked away. turns out the film was just fine :)

I've been teaching my elementary students about visual stories; that we can communicate emotions and experiences without using any words at all. A concern they often have is "how can we tell the whole story in just one picture?" I respond with "sometimes you can't. So draw another!" There is something so nice about a theme carried out or repeated. a series. There is something nice about same but a little different.

also, since writing the title "12 claires", I kept getting songs with numbers stuck in my head. So I decided to curate a numerical playlist. Bowie makes a few appearances (he and classic 89, the only radio station I listen to...or know, have been my soundtrack to and from school the past 6 weeks). And six is a bit of a stretch, but hey. and then theres nine & eleven...let me know of any good songs with "nine" or "eleven" in them. enjoy! (and sorry for no links, a little google search never hurt nobody).

one life away by m ward
two doves by dirty projectors
three sisters by j. tillman (now known as father john misty)
four provinces by the walkmen
five years by david bowie
with arms outstretched (16 miles) by Rilo Kiley
seven swans by sufjan stevens
eight line poem by david bowie
ten women by connor oberst and the mystic valley band
twelve fold chain by the books


  1. Nine Crimes by Damien Rice. Silly... You knew that.

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