Wedding Diary :: Part VII ::

:: The Party ::

Of all my wedding photos, those of the reception are my most treasured. Because Brando and I grew up just a neighborhood apart, we had so many mutual friends come, some who hadn't seen each other in years! It turned into a giant reunion party. We still have people tell us how much fun they had :) I walked around barefoot, gave out a million hugs, smiled so much it hurt, and completely forgot to have a bite of my pie ;) I've been making up for it ever since...

:: Things I want to remember ::

-the tears that came from skyping my best friend, Lauren, while she was living in Jerusalem. Kaitlyn took the computer around to all the guests and gave her a complete tour of the reception.

-the cardboard cut-out of Brando's brother, David, who was on an LDS mission in Russia.

-Aunt Judy's vintage outfit & hat that she wore especially for me

-Mollie, my childhood side-kick (we wore matching cowgirl outfits to preschool) catching the bouquet

-the wardrobe malfunction that I'll NEVER repeat but that resulted in some good laughs with girlfriends :)

-leaving the reception to a line of sparklers as we ran away together!


  1. Your wedding. Even before I saw all of these additional pictures, it always seemed to me like it was exactly what a wedding was meant to be.

    Supportive families, meaningful decorations, less fluff, two love birds and a circle of friends who couldn't be happier.

    I'm also really curious about that dress that you wore out of the reception. Where in the world did that gorgeous thing come from??

    1. So sorry for a very belated reply but I found it on etsy or ebay... Can't remember exactly. .

  2. so beautiful, so great.

    i love this, and i love the outdoors.

    and your little going away pictures, im dying, you are adorable.


  3. Wow I am blown away at all the work you put in to make these posts. They hold such great memories. I just may copy you when our next anniversary comes around because I have yet to go through and organize/edit all of our photos. This is something you and your children will treasure forever.

  4. Ahh I love this! Such a beautiful bride and beautiful day :) I think I cried for about 2 hours after I got off Skype with you two...still can't believe I missed it!

  5. I love remembering that day!! You looked so gorgeous!! Love you, xoxo