Wedding Diary :: Part VI ::

:: The Reception Decor ::

When I talked about my wedding, instead of mentioning colors or a specific flower, I talked about "feeling". I wanted a garden reception, where the nature did most of the heavy decoration lifting, but with added nostalgic details. I'm forever grateful to my family friends, Ann & John, for letting me use their gorgeous backyard. Instead of a sign-in book, we had our guest type their best wishes on typewriters from our grandparents. All the table clothes were vintage from the 40's/50's. We used family heirloom quilts on tables, handkerchiefs from generations back. I had been collecting milk glass from thrift stores before we were even engaged! There were fresh flavored lemonades and PIE, because pie is the king of all deserts. My mother insisted on glass plates and metal forks because that "tink" sound when you cut through the pie is part of the experience :) As a thank you to our guests, we had a flower seed table where they could create their own flower seed packet. Everything was lovely and better than I could have ever dreamt up, and all thanks goes to my sweet mom, and amazing Aunt Steph, who put in hours upon hours preparing, executing, and perfecting all the details. 


  1. Your wedding was absolutely perfect. Now I wanna see some engagement photos! :)

  2. I love that you didn't choose a set of specific colors. All the cotton fabric and scarves look great!

  3. everything is so perfect, i can't stop looking...