Wedding Diary :: Part II

The Dress

I was the kind of girl who dreamed about her wedding her entire life, particularly the dress. I was always sketching up ideas, making prototypes for my barbies, I even worked for a dress shop where I spent the weekends wearing wedding dresses for bridal fairs. But when it actually came to looking for the dress, I avoided it. The thrill of shopping was gone, everything felt so frilly and poofy, and just NOT ME. A lot of good ideas (and some silly ones) were thrown around. I finally, in a spontaneous moment of desperation, ordered a dress from online. When it arrived, I tried it on in my parent's bedroom. I had that "yes, this is the one" moment, and then my mom and I cried :).

The dress is Jcrew (no longer available) I ordered 2 since I didn't know what size I'd be, and I had a giftcard & searched online for promo codes, it was a total steal :). My mom added a chiffon ruffle around the neck and skirt, as well as a remnant from her own wedding dress, tucked away on the inside, like a little secret just for us.

These bridals were actually taken 2 years after we were married! We had to take a rain-check on our original bridal shoot date when I became sick. Turns out prancing around in your wedding dress two years later is a total blast!

*photos by the talented Elise Lauren
*flowers by me (from my mother's garden)


  1. LOVELOVELOVELOVELOVE all over again. I like the two years later idea! I got to be a MOB all over again with out the stress!

  2. Oh my gosh, I love that you still took pictures two years later. To be totally honest, I am not super happy with my bridals (the photographer somehow didn't even manage to get a normal front view picture of me or me and my husband). And I have been threatening to retake my pictures for almost two years. Maybe I will just have to do it :)

  3. Such a great idea. I'd love to go out and take photos with my husband in our wedding clothes. We were married in the winter, so we didn't have a chance to take pretty, outdoor photos since everything was dead outside! I'm totally telling my husband that we need to take wedding photos this summer....

  4. okay i love this. i've been so worried that my wedding is going to be so hideous and plain because I don't have the money and nor will i ever have a couple of thousand lying around for my wedding. not to say that you were cheap but a gorgeous dress like that and beautiful flowers from your mother's garden- I mean, that's a heck of a deal! i now have hope that my wedding is going to be just as beautiful.

  5. goodness, i love your dress. seriously to die for. i dreamed of a dress like this, then it made my chest look too large, so i had to go a different route. also, my dream to get photos of us again. for some reason im not super happy with our photos. they were too posed and not the happy us, we were happy, but he wanted us always kissing...which aren't my favorite photos haha. you're gorgeous. and perfect. and i love this.

  6. i feel this odd connection to you now, because i wore the same dress on my wedding day! it took a while for me to recognize it, since you added the ruffles. you wore it flawlessly. and i agree--that dress was a total steal! i had it picked out before i even met my husband, and i lucked out that it was still in stock after he proposed!