The End of an Era ::the journal series::

"It's the End of an era"
That's what Brighton said.
It was our last time on the roof. Of course we didn't plan on it being our last, we had planned to have at least one more hurrah, but it turned out to be our last. it was a good last. We talked about our moves that would take us from that place that was home for 2 years.  We laid on quilts and drank ice water. We talked about goals and dreams and things that close friends talk about.

It's hard to forget moments like that.

I thought I'd miss the place
I planned on it
I planned on being dramatic and romantic about it.

It was great
It was right
And now it's not
And I only cried about it once, when I was sweeping those splintery floors for the last time.  

I'll remember the old place, the "cupboard", the studio, our first place. I'll remember the layers of wallpaper we peeled off, and the silly fights we had.  I'll remember sitting in the claw foot tub that Brandon refinished during a tiff or two, because there was no where else to go in that small space.  I'll remember the conversations we'd have late at night, learning little facts about each other, the seemingly insignificant quirks that make up our wholes.  And I'll remember the popcorn ceiling and the warped glass window and the holes in the floor.

It's hard to forget places like that.

And when I open the drawers here to find that groovy contact paper in oranges and lime green, it'll help me remember the contact paper in the cupboards of the old place, full of illustrations of herbs: Rosemary, thyme, basil.  and the musty smell will come back and I'll remember how much that place made me an us. I'll remember how that place became a part of me.

It's hard to forget feelings like that.

::the journal series::

I'm revisiting past journal entries, never published posts, and old photographs. I'm sharing them here, since this is, after all, a place for documentation. The words will will not be edited, nor the photographs. My hope is to record genuine flashbacks.

This particular entry was written just about a year ago, when Brandon and I, and our dear friends Tanner & Brighton, both moved out of the home that brought us together. The photographs were taken around the same time.



  1. I don't really know you, but I really love this. Some random stuff: I had a class with Brighton! It was creative writing, she's great. Also, I've seen you randomly on campus (mostly last semester) and I was too embarrassed to say hello because I thought it was creepy since I only know you from your blog. Now I wish I would have done it. Lastly, this is a really good idea. I have about 500 posts on my blog and only half of them are actually published! I might need to do something like this. Anyway, you are quite talented in a lovely way.

  2. "It was great. It was right. And now it's not."

    You have a way of capturing nostalgia and melancholy. I enjoy it.

  3. what a great idea. i find those drafts to be highly personal and slightly embarrassing. love how you are willing to share those.

    xo. m.

  4. oh how i miss that old house - i cried cleaning it for the last time too! and i miss our roof talks. we really need to hang out more.

  5. Beautiful writing. Love the photos too